Athletic Training

NCAA president, Myles Brand, called certified athletic trainers "the guardian angels of the athlete" during his address of appreciation at the 2005 National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) Annual Meeting & Clinical Symposia.  These "angels" take care not only of collegiate athletes, but also of the youth, high school, professional, and recreationally active populations.  Certified athletic trainers (ATCs) provide the continuum of care of injuries in the following domains: 

PREVENTION--through design, instruction, and supervision of strength & conditioning programs, proper fitting of athletic equipment, and observation of activity sites for safety

EVALUATION--through gathering of subjective information, objective manual testing, and referral to team physician for further diagnostic testing

MANAGEMENT--through direct communication with team physician on plan of treatment while maintaining involvement in the activity, including taping, splinting, padding, modalities, stretching, and therapeutic exercise

REHABILITATION--through direct communication with team physician on rehabilitation and return to activity following injury, including modalities, therapeutic exercise, and activity-specific functional reconditioning

Medical Professional Network

KAK has a network of team physicians & other medical professionals that patients are referred to depending on the nature of the injury.  Through KAK's referral, patients can usually be seen within 24-48 hours, perhaps more quickly than if the patient calls in on their own.  This is a crucial component in the treatment process for KAK's patients who need to return to competitive, recreational, and functional activity as soon as possible.  KAK is thrilled to work with the following professionals as members of our network!

Event Coverage                                    Lori taping an athlete's ankle

KAK will provide an ATC as a sideline presence at your athletic events (games, tournaments) for emergency services, injury evaluation & decision for return to play which removes responsibility from coaches & parents; includes referral to KAK team physician and/or ER; available for single events or seasonal contracts

Khazen AthletiKare has provided athletic training coverage either for seasonal contracts, weekend tournaments, or single matches for the following schools, clubs, and organizations:


KAK Athletes...Webster University's Men & Women's Soccer Teams...enjoying success in the SLIAC

KAK Athletes...CBC HS Boys' Lacrosse Club...winning MO State Championship in 2007

On-Site Injury Evaluation               Lori evaluating an athlete's hand

Need to know if you or your athlete needs to see a doctor or it's something you can take care of on your own?  A KAK ATC will see you at your home, your activity site, or Sweat St. Louis to evaluate the injury; includes referral to KAK team physician and/or ER; by appointment or on-call availability

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