Age-Related Factors for Injury Prevention

Kids         Avalon U-16 Girls Soccer Team, 2007

With dreams of college scholarships and even professional careers, more kids than ever are playing organized sports today.  Unfortunately, with all the benefits youth sports participation can offer, comes a coinciding increase in injury prevalence.  Besides traumatic contact injuries during sporting events, children are subject to non-contact injuries as their musculoskeletal system grows.  Injury prevention programs counterattack overuse injuries of the spine, elbows, and knees that lead to spondylolysis, Little League Elbow, and Osgood-Schlatter's Disease.  In addition, muscle strains, ankle sprains, and ACL ruptures are non-contact injuries that are targeted by KAK's strength & conditioning programs, to enhance flexibility, balance, and jumping & deceleration mechanics.  KAK's SC programs provide a baseline of knowledge of training, making sure they start their playing career off on the right foot!  KAK's experience makes this learning process easy & fun.  Programs include information on nutrition, hydration, rest & recovery, and always proper technique of activity to keep our young athletes on the playing field.   

Adults          Rick Happel, martial artist & business owner, age 55

As young adults and "Baby Boomers" attempt to stay active for fun and wellness, they too are experiencing injuries that halt their recreational or competitive athletic endeavors.  Rick Happel (pictured above), is one of KAK's adult clients who works to stay fit for his martial art endeavors with our strength & conditioning programs.  Go here for Rick's testimonial.  Most adults have various levels of health, with some battling cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or osteoarthritis.  These are all special cases where the strength & conditioning specialist must be a true health care professional.  At KAK, we contact the client's physician or other medical personnel to receive recommendations for the program and discuss any other restrictions set forth.  We do a thorough assessment, followed by careful development and instruction of the programs.  Programs do not focus on getting a bulging bicep, but rather preventing orthopedic injury through a well-designed full-body workout incorporating functional (everyday), recreational, and work-related movements.  This mixture undoubtedly prepares the client to combat the injury possibilities they encounter of everyday while picking up the kids, gardening, playing golf & tennis, or sitting at the computer for 8 hours a day.    


Seniors       Dee & Rollie Thomas, insurance sales & homemaker, ages 77 & 79

As medical technology & pharmaceuticals extend our lives, the "Greatest Generation" approach their twilight years.  Daily activities such as bathing, reaching up to a kitchen cabinet, or stepping off of a curb can become daunting tasks that can result in injury because of deconditioning and loss of balance.  Fears of injury often discourage seniors to get out of their homes, keeping them disconnected to society and perhaps the joys of life.  Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, vertigo, and cardiovascular disease are additional common conditions in the senior client that require special attention by the KAK staff.  The process starts with physician consultation, assessment and then careful development of a functional strength & conditioning program.  Injury prevention focuses on balance, coordination in walking around obstacles, strength to get up from a sitting position and to climb stairs, and overhead reaching & lifting.  Seniors do activities every day that are considered athletic movements, so that's how they are trained.  A well-designed combination of cardiovascular exercise and resistance training prepares them for their challenging daily regimen, so they can truly enjoy their retirement years and "live easy".

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