Activity-Related Factors for Injury Prevention

Competitive Athletics   

JB Marine Soccer Club players training hard in the off-season with Khazen AthletiKare

As we know, sports are an important part of youth, teen, and young adult livelihood.  Competitive sports are foundations of schools, select clubs, and Olympic Development programs and are mentally, emotionally, and physically demanding.  Not only is there fierce competition among opponents, but also competition among teammates to gain a significant playing time and a starting position.  Competitive athletes in all areas are constantly looking for an edge, a way to shine, a way to separate themselves from the pack.  Khazen AthletiKare strength & conditioning programs will enhance strength, power, endurance, speed, agility, quickness, and specific sport maneuvers that will lift that athlete to the top of the heap and push them to succeed.  These physical improvements, when done properly, will also serve as injury prevention systems.  A healthy athlete performs better and has longevity for their season.  Healthy athletes win championships and post-season honors, which bring recognition to their organizations.  Go to our testimonials page to see what our competitive athletes are saying about KAK! 

Recreational Athletics    

Mark Thomas catching a huge dogfish in Lake Ada, Minnesota; 

From college kids active in intramural sports to the adult enjoying the occasional golf game or ski trip, Khazen AthletiKare can help keep these athletes healthy and happy.  Designing programs to prevent injury and to improve abilities for these recreational endeavors are the focus.  In addition to recreational sports, many people enjoy activities that KAK considers "athletic movements" and prepares the body for those activities as well.  For instance, gardening & landscaping are often physical hobbies of home owners which can be a source of back injury in particular because of lack of strength and improper body mechanics when lifting and bending over.  Swimming and running for recreation and fitness are fantastic modes of exercise, but can lead to overuse injury of shoulders, hips, knees, shins, and feet if the supporting structures are not adequately prepared and the biomechanics are incorrect.  KAK will create and instruct a realistic strength & conditioning program to best benefit the recreational athlete and supplement the activities you already enjoy.  Go to our testimonials page to see what our recreational athletes are saying about KAK!

Functional Activity     

Kamaal Khazen holding granddaughter Kaitlyn; high school teacher & grandfather

Everyday we do activities that are considered "athletic movements".  We walk the dog, climb stairs carrying laundry, pick up toddlers, stand on a stool to reach into an overhead cabinet, not to mention our career duties.  These daily movements are functional activities that you need to be prepared for, as if they were competitive or recreational sports.  They can be daunting tasks if one struggles with strength, stability, endurance, balance and coordination.  In contrast, they can be easy and actually enjoyable tasks if your body is prepared for the challenge.  Work activities include varying levels of physical demands, and we must be prepared for all we are presented with.  From fighting carpal tunnel and posture-related neck pain during computer work to training the entire body for manual labor jobs.  KAK can design a strength & conditioning program to best prepare you for the demands you face in everyday life.  Go to our testimonials page to see what our functional athletes are saying about KAK! 

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